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Friendly Reminder

Please be considerate of your neighbors by reminding your guests to respect the 15 mph speed limit.

June 9, 2021

Water Update

Property owners should have received a notice in the mail regarding the transfer of the water company to Cactus State Utility Operating Company, LLC. 

Jan 1, 2021

Water update

Dear Community,

We would like to update everyone with the situation regarding the water company. There was a conversation with Amy Bayless, the trust representative, on Wednesday afternoon. It was a very cordial conversation, and she was very forthcoming with the following information.

The trust has reached an agreement with a privately owned company called Central States Water Resources. The company is located in Missouri. They own multiple companies in several Midwestern States, and have made offers to purchase several water companies in Arizona. They plan to form one company possibly to be called Cactus States. Ms. Bayless said it will take quite a bit of time for the purchase to be reviewed and approved by the Arizona Corporation Commission. In the meantime, Environmental BioMass will continue the operation of the water company. It seems likely that the Corporation Commission will require meters to be installed and a monthly billing scheduled. It is not known what rates will be set, but likely will be a monthly base plus usage charge. The company will not be required to maintain the roadway easements, as Mr. Elliot did voluntarily.

Our efforts to form a Special Water District fell short by around 7 votes. At this time, it doesn’t seem necessary to continue with the effort. But should the sale fall through we may want to renew our efforts. At some time, our community may want to consider the creation of a Special Road District.

The Stoneman Lake POA board  

Oct 1, 2020

"SLangie's List"

Please send your suggestions for the Stoneman Lake Angie's List via the contact form. This is an ongoing document that is updated periodically.

Apr 1, 2019

Spring water level update

So nice to enjoy some water in the Lake this spring - the roads were quite hazardous but have since been graded and ready for the upcoming summer season!

Photo taken by Bill McPeters from the Lodge on 3/14/19.

Photo taken by Jim Brown.


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